Bengaluru Woman Assaulted, Molested, Thrown To Ground. Nobody Helped.


One of two men on scooter pounces on woman as she walks down street
Passers by are seen watching, attackers escape as woman fights them off
Nationwide outcry after many women allegedly molested on New Year’s Eve
Security cameras recorded the egregiousness of it all – what she went through in Bengaluru is every woman’s nightmare.

She can be seen walking on the road when two men on a scooter approach her. As they get closer, she breaks into a run. One of the men on the scooter lunges towards her. He then gropes and molests her while she fights back. Seconds later, he throws her hard onto the ground. As the woman picks herself up, the men race away. Eyewitnesses do nothing. Not to stop the men, not to help the woman get up off the ground.

The next day, photographs would emerge of women being molested and stalked in the heart of the city on New Year’s Eve at a public celebration on the famous MG Road. There, too, nobody tried to stop the drunk men who chased the women, some of them breaking down on camera in what used to be considered one of the country’s safest cities for women.

The mass molestations in the heart of Bengaluru took place a few hours before the young woman heading home was attacked. She had taken an auto home and was walking the final stretch to her house when she was assaulted.

The cameras that filmed her ordeal were installed at a house in East Bengaluru. The owners provided the footage to the media and the police.

Bengaluru’s Night of Shame – December 31 – captured by multiple cameras in all its horror – has outraged the country, in part because of the remarks of Home Minister G Parameshwara, who is responsible for policing. “These things do happen,” he said about the women who were subjected to physical abuse. After furious calls for his resignation and a summons from the country’s top women’s rights body to explain his misogynistic remarks, he said he had been misquoted and misunderstood.


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