On Notes Ban, Rahul Gandhi’s 5 Questions For PM Modi. And BJP’s Retort

Rahul Gandhi’s list of questions for Prime Minister Narendra Modi today included how much black or untaxed money has come back into the system since November 8, when 500- and 1,000-rupee notes were banned. “50 days are coming to an end, the PM needs to answer key questions,” he said, speaking to reporters on the Congress party’s 132nd foundation day.

The ruling BJP retorted, “Rahul Gandhi should first answer who benefited from the VVIP chopper scam,” referring to the allegations that kickbacks were paid to officials and politicians for a deal to supply a dozen choppers to be used by top leaders, signed when the Congress was in power.

“Modiji has performed demonetisation yagna for 50 families and one per cent super rich people of the country,” Mr Gandhi said, questioning: “What are the collections after November 8? What is the loss incurred by economy? How many people have died after November 8, have they been given compensation?”

He also asked, “Who were the experts the PM consulted before the notes ban?”

The BJP’s Srikant Sharma shot back: “We understand your frustration, Rahul Gandhiji, because you have been helping those who tried to destroy the nation with their black money. Since the allegations against you in the VVIP chopper scam reached your doorstep, you should first answer who benefited from the mota maal (hefty amount).”
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In the morning, addressing party leaders, Mr Gandhi said the notes ban is an example of how the Modi government has fostered fear among people.

“The Congress listens to you, does for you. It is not about what we want to do,” Mr Gandhi said, adding, “Congress is the idea that it is not only my view that will prevail…I must seek out your views.”

PM Modi “is doing only what he wants”, he said, calling demonetisation an example.

“We can all see what a disastrous decision that has been. People in the country have been robbed of their money. Why has Modiji imposed such restrictions on people? He just wants to instill fear among people,” Mr Gandhi charged.

Sources: www.ndtv.com

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