eBay Sells Rs 2000 Notes On Rs 1.5 Lakh. Click To Know What’s Special About These Notes



If you are fed up standing in long queue outside ATM to get new currency notes, then you can also order Rs 2000 notes on eBay.

New notes of Rs 2,000 notes were being sold at e-commerce website eBay today, starting from Rs 3,500 and they cost up-to Rs 1,51 Lakh. You can pay for the notes by credit card or by online transfer.

Now, you must be thinking why Rs 2000 currency notes are being sold at such price, then let us tell you the notes which are being sold at Rs 1.51 lakh because these notes have serial numbers with religious connotations. For example, a series of Rs 2000 note starting with number 786, are being sold by seller on the marketplace for Rs 1.51 lakh.


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